Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Linkage

It's finally Friday. I can barely contain my excitement. My weekend plans include cooking and reading. What are you doing this weekend?

While you're enjoying a (hopefully) relaxing weekend, recovering from a (hopefully) productive week, here's some links to enjoy.

Michael Hyatt has some convicting words that made me reflect on the way I see people.

This article by Tony Woodlief was touching. Even though I'm definitely not a parent, his words made me pause and wonder about the people I'm neglecting, the opportunities that I'm missing, the moments I'm living now that I'll regret.

Poignantly, he says, "Your life stretching out before you holds a series of choices, and what you don’t realize until you are older is how quickly those choices can accumulate and choke off possible futures. If you are not care-filled and prayer-filled and intentional, your days may pile up with more regret than hope."

Read the article. No pun intended, you certainly won't regret it.

I am addicted to paper. And books are my oxygen. So this post by Oh So Beautiful Paper did terrible things to my soul. Especially note the copy of Joy of Cooking, whose praises have been recently sung by Rachel.

So what great articles have you discovered this week?


Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks for linking to my guest post on OSBP!

Emily said...

You're so welcome! I really enjoyed reading it, Jane!