Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Linkage

Right now, I am behind the eight-ball on nearly every front. My house needs to be cleaned. My finances need to be "done". All lofty goals for the months of March and April have essentially gone out the window. I am hopelessly behind in reading. More than a few blog posts have taken vague shape in my head but have yet to make their way to paper.

The unplanned (such as my wonderful spontaneous visit home over Easter and my mom's equally spontaneous but equally wonderful trip to visit me) has certainly been taking priority over the planned.

But that is what weekends are for, I suppose. I hope that, in between catching up and spending time with friends and family this weekend, you find time to rest as well. Use the following links as an excuse!

Seth Godin's business advice always seems widely applicable. For instance, I know that I often simply avoid creating momentum because I fear a potential end-result. Often, too, I assume that more time, more data, more information, will increase the quality of a decision.

This wonderful article on Christianity Today forever legitimized my hopeless addiction to quotes. The last paragraph is poignant:

The relationship between the living Word embodied in Christ and the rich gift of words that is ours to use and care for is a mystery worth much pondering. Surely, among our most urgent and joyful responsibilities as stewards of that gift is to tell stories, to listen well, to resist the forces that flatten and inflate and beat language into alluring lies, and to stay in conversation—a word one of whose original meanings was to dwell in community or walk together. We need words and ideas that will surface when it is time to speak peace to violence or truth to power. To read wisely and memorize some of what we've read is to prepare for those moments, and to put away for a time of need provisions that will fuel our prayers and see us through.

What have you read lately?