Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Linkage

Only a sliver of Friday is left. I watch the snow sift rapidly from the dark sky. I hope your week, like mine, brimmed with life, the the soul-strengthening plodding alongside the breath-catching good. And I hope your weekend and mine holds rest and peace and time with those you love. Happy weekending, friends! Here's some reading for your travels.

Alpha Consumer reveals what happy people know about money that the rest of us don't. presents a fascinating look at an explosive new trend in business and one of the world's oldest traditions: eating together.

Cardus presents a convicting call to action to young Christians, English majors and non-English majors alike.

101 Books is a lovely blog I've recently discovered.

Lindsey Frederick, a friend of mine, writes on the importance of confession in New Identity.

GodHungry presents four simple ways to pursue wisdom

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