Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Burger, Tap & Shake - Foggy Bottom

Everyone has heard about D.C.'s obsession with cupcakes. What many are missing, however, is D.C.'s burger craze. Face it: on any given Friday, after a long week of work, too much time on the Metro or the Beltway, and not enough real food, most of us find a burger, shake, and fries too tempting to resist.

So after a long week, two friends and I set out in search of Burger, Tap & Shake in Foggy Bottom. 
  • Location - The close proximity to George Washington University means that college students fill the restaurant, children were definitely present and welcome and young professionals won't feel as if they're reverting to freshman late-night IHOP visits.
  • Parking -  Metro-accessible. Parking can be tricky in Foggy Bottom on a Friday night, but it's definitely available if one is willing to walk a couple of blocks.
  • Pricing  - A little pricey if you really just want a burger, shake, and fries, but reasonable for a food "experience". 
  • Staff  - Friendly, fast, and helpful. 
  • Food - Deliciously satisfactory. The burgers were generous and juicy, the buns were soft and fresh, and the shakes were inexcusably decadent. My only complaint is that the burgers are cooked to medium by default. The burgers were a little on the rare side for several of us, so if you're picky about how your meat is cooked, remember to say something.
If you haven't experienced a D.C. burger yet, you're legitimately missing out. Make plans to visit Burger, Tap & Shake this week. 

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