Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Linkage

Happy weekending friends! Here are lots of links to enjoy.

Enjoy this collage of city-scapes.

My friend and fellow blogger shared this wonderful article from Gospel Coalition earlier this week.

These recent shots of the Titanic wreckage are fascinating.....for those of us who are history nerds.

BonaVita shares a design blog.

Peter Leithart shares an inspirational perspective about the heroic potential of the modern business world.

Mancredible discusses the importance of seeking out high-interest-producing checking accounts.

Donald Miller and Robert Bruce share suggestions for improving one's written and spoken words.

Apartment Therapy offers some creative options for cooking eggs.


Madeline Adams said...

This is amazing, all of it. The cities of color are incredible, I've never seen most of those pictures before, or even heard about some of those cities. Now I'm going to print off all those pictures and cover the walls of our room in them. Btw, I was talking to Mallory Rosswurm the other day, and she just got back from India and told me that a city she went to there was entirely *pink*.

Monica Jacobson said...

Fun links! I love the cities. It makes me even more astonished at the normal, BORING American taste. Seriously. What is this fatal attraction we seem to have for beige? Kill me now.

The one about Catholicism was interesting... though obviously he didn't want to give away his game and prefers that you read the book. I'm impressed that he mentions the abuses of authority by the evangelical church.

Also, I've always enjoyed Leithart. Marty was ordered to lie multiple times in the job he quit. However, he thinks its very possible to have a business based upon truth, but the key is to have something of value to give. Most people are selling dreams and possibilities, and they have to lie and back stab to keep the pieces juggled. Because they don't actually have a physical skill, I mean. And Christians think it's perfectly normal to be expected to be men of their word in the church, and then lie to each other over business. Very sad. That's segregating God out of anything but "churchness". It doesn't matter when you're "in the world" because God doesn't care about that. Ah-hah. Right. Anyway, it was interesting.