Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Linkage

After being granted a tantalizing taste of spring, the D.C. metro area has again been blasted with chilly weather. (I know I shouldn't complain and that 45 degrees is hardly brutal, but I am ready for some consistent sunshine and warmth by this time of year.)

It's not really Friday anymore, but here are some links for your weekend browsing.

Creative Commons: "Coffee for One"  © 2010 J. Ronald Lee on Flickr.

Tim Challies has made some beautiful desktop wallpapers available.

The Quest for Me on Humane Pursuits raises some thought-provoking questions on the purpose of community, the nature of our culture's craze with self-development, and my generation's obsessive avoidance of anything resembling commitment.

Christianity Today published an article that provided a unique perspective on Lent.

For those interested in breaking free of the traditional cubicle career, Leaving Work Behind is an interesting blog that contains a variety of rich resources.

Finally, my sister shared the beautiful Wayfare Magazine with me. I can't wait to explore it.

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