Monday, May 7, 2012

May's Goals

April was a good month in many ways, but a little rough on the goals front. 
  • If different combinations of vegetables and pasta count, I definitely tried three new recipes. Otherwise, this was not a month of culinary creativity.
  • I did not hit my blogging goal of 15 posts. Not even close. This month was not a good month for blogging.
  • Although I did not finish Sandition, I did finish The War of Art, Seth Godin's Graceful, and What's So Amazing about Grace. Progress.
  • Annotated bibliograhy finished, proofed, sent, and graded. Only two classes left until I receive that elusive M.A.!
  • I did not clock five hours of practice. But May is a new month.
  • I wrote one, not ten thank-you notes. One is better than none I suppose. I also have yet to begin my journal of gifts. But I purchased a new set of notecards; hopefully gratefulness will abound in May.

Goals for May:

  • Cook three new recipes and make a meal for someone else.
  • Write 15 blog posts
  • Complete C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man, Jon Acuff's Quitter, Jane Austen's Sandition, and another book.
  • Practice 10 hours
  • Send ten thank-you notes and begin a journal of gifts.


Anonymous said...

I don't know that many people that follow up on their goals. I let my goals evolve, which means I'm too scared to follow up

Emily said...

Reviewing goals can be a great way to intimidate yourself into following through on them! It's terribly depressing to consistently fail to make goals, so one quickly learns to either set more attainable goals or to meet them, I find.