Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Saturday Morning...

It wasn't meant to be an adventure. My roommates were gone on Saturday-morning missions of their own. The day was still a blank palate. Entranced by the clear lit air, the summer-blue sky, and the massive blossoms on the tree in our backyard, I decided to experiment with my newly-purchased-but-not-yet-broken-in camera.

I grabbed a sweater and the camera, unbolted the back door and stepped onto the back porch shutting the back door firmly behind me.

The sunny day was deceiving. The air was definitely not as warm as I had expected and after just a couple of minutes, standing on the back porch in a light sweater didn't seem like such a brilliant idea. I turned around and grabbed the door handle....which didn't budge.

No. Way. I jiggled the handle, thoroughly irritated. Being responsible, safety-conscious females, my roommates and I ritualistically bolt the front door, whether or not we're at home. And I had just managed to lock myself out of the only other entrance.

I mentally ran through a mental checklist.

Car keys so I could at least leave in my car? Nope. They were safely locked inside.

Spare house key? Of course not.

Possible alternative entrance? Nope. The house was uncannily secure.


Fortunately, I had my phone.

Wallowing in shame, I called my roommate, who miraculously happened to only be a half-mile away. I trudged the half-mile there, secured her house key, trudged the half-mile back, and let myself back into the house.

The End.

Lesson #1: Hide a spare key.
Lesson #2: Having unbreachable security is a good plan. Until you need to breach the security.


Martin Jacobson said...

LOL... awesome. I once locked Kai and myself outside on our third story apartment balcony. Without my phone. After about an hour, I was able to flag down the apartment management lady, and she somehow got my safety latched door open and let me inside again.

Martin Jacobson said...

By the way, the comment is from Monica, not Marty. :-)

Emily said...

That's a terrible story! I think yours is worse than mine.;-) You'd think we would have outgrown this kind of behavior by now. *sigh*

Sarah said...

*giggles* I'm sorry I actually laughed at this a little. I'm sure it wasn't funny when it was happening, but I bet you find it at least *Kind of* funny now. :-) I'm sorry I'm not a very supporting sister.

P.S. Get well soon. :-)