Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Linkage

Yes, I'm aware that it's not Friday, but Saturday. All too completely, blissfully, thankfully aware that this morning, instead of frantically dashing out the door and returning home after dark, I was able to just sit and sip my coffee and stare out at the beautiful sunny morning that contained the first tiny hints of spring.

Some weeks are for blogging. This past week was not one of those. It was wonderful and rich and filled to overflowing with real connections, with fellowship, and with work. But it was also one of those weeks in which absolutely nothing blog-related had time to occur.

And with that, here are some links to browse over the weekend....enjoy!

I just discovered Cardus, a site that will, I think, produce a rich harvest of reading. This essay on journals, though, seemed especially good. This brief commentary on living for each day was also encouraging.

Seth Godin always has pithy, thought-provoking posts. This one was particular pithy. And witty.

Jessica from Shiny Mess shared The Broke and the Bookish with me a while ago. The recent post on making time to read made me think about ways to fit more reading into my schedule.

What did you read online this week? Share some links in the comments!


Francesca Marie said...

I just joined a book club that means once a month... I am so excited about it. Last month we read Great Gatsby, this month we are reading My Sister's Keeper. Definitely a wide range so I am excited about reading books I wouldn't normally read!

Anonymous said...

I adored the article on keeping a journal. Sigh of happiness. Thanks for linking it!