Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday Linkage

I hope that your weekend is filled with good conversation and memories made, with the morning sunshine of spring, warm coffee, and the laughter of those you love.

A guest post on Donald Miller's blog reflects on the importance of reading in meaningful life.

Desiring God had a thought-stirring article on the statistical connection between race and the frequency of abortion.

An interesting collection of quotes marking the novelist Milan Kundera's birthday will inspire any writer.

Michael Hyatt wrote a convicting article for Christians and leaders about the importance of keeping one's word.

A slideshow of an enormous lodge in Park City, Utah, provided some fun eye-candy....this might be my dream kitchen.

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Tara said...

Whew, good stuff! Some of those reading and abortion stats are unbelievable, I loved the stuff about keeping your word (especially the quote about honesty, reality, and integrity), and I also looked at another post on Michael Hyatt's site about to-do lists (I've defintiely done the adding tasks you've already accomplished onto your list just to cross them off)...the wuotes were good to! (I liked the last one about love.)