Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Linkage

I am ready for Friday. Need I say more? I am ready to sleep in, cook something that requires an attention span of longer than 12 minutes, read, lie in the sun, and do all of those other wonderful things that a weekend offers.

While you are relaxing this weekend, check out these links!

David Masciotra's "Living with a Literary Sensibility" in Relevant Magazine provocatively looks at life as literature...and literature as life. His thoughtful article addresses old questions and raises new ones.

Also on Relevant, David Condolora provides insight on the background of a familiar hymn in "A New Lesson from an Old Hymn."

I have enjoyed following "Thirty Days of Summer Entertaining" by Reluctant Entertainer recently.

Booking Through Thursday is a simple blog with a minimalistic theme. Every Thursday, a new question related to books is published. That's it. Reading through the old questions is inspiring and fun!

I can be highly critical of elaborate wedding cakes. However, the cakes in this post at Let Her Bake Cake were just lovely.

What did you read this week?

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