Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just a Tuesday

It started out as a gloomy Tuesday morning. So I compiled a list of things to make the grey morning brighter.

1. These measuring bowls from Anthropologie. No, I don't own them. Would you like to change that?

2. Sweet roommates who share riotous laughter at night over almond bars and soup.

3. This book, the only one by Jane Austen that I haven't read. That is currently being remedied. 

4. Early birthday gifts and a sweet note from my mother to remind me that I am loved.

5. My impending move....just a few more days!

Then the sun came out, literally, and the muggy gloom turned into a brilliant breezy sunny afternoon. 

It was made even brighter by a pre-birthday fro-yo date with this girl. We were roommates during our freshman year in college and now, eight years and many birthdays later, we're still celebrating together.

Finally, I enjoyed the last few lovely hours of this surprisingly perfect day with Mancredible and bowls of corn chowder.

What made your day unexpectedly beautiful?

1 comment:

Monica Jacobson said...

A Jane Austen book I haven't read either! You made my day!!

Where are you moving to?

We were all suffering from cloudy-day gloom and doom as well. Today AND yesterday. So the boys have are repairing their tempers with playdough. And I'm resigning myself to clean up the mess in a bit. ;)