Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Battles

I battle a legitimate illness about once or twice a year. In all fairness, I can't complain. I am not one of those unfortunate souls who gets desperately ill every time the wind changes. 

But even the best have their bad days. And one morning this week I woke up before work to the horrible realization that the vicious hand of a winter cold had gripped my head.

I presume that there are few other young perky professionals out there who enjoy working while sick. But any young woman (and yes, any guy as well) can take a few simple steps to make a day at the desk and a head-cold a bit more compatible.

Stockpile. First of all, when signs of disaster strike, stock up. After a visit to CVS, I surveyed my supplies, which consisted of medicine (one version for bedtime and a non-drowsy version for work hours), cough drops, Vitamin C tablets, orange juice, Kleenex, and Vicks Vaporub. And Brachs candy-hearts and York Mint Patties.

But the latter are optional. Only have an excessive stockpile of comfort food on hand if you want to maintain your happiness as well as your sanity. 

Furthermore, take these items to work with you. Keep them with you at all times. Cough-drops can't work their magic sitting alone in a cabinet.

Sleep. Seriously. Just go to bed as early as possible. Avoiding your mattress will simply extend the torturous symptoms.

Wear your highest heels. This is not the time to wear your feelings on your face. The effort you put into your attire should directly counteract how awful you feel. Take a shower, wear an outfit that you love, put on extra lip gloss, and show up for work on time.

This is the day to fake it until you make it. I was so distracted by the high-heel-induced foot pain today that I practically forgot about my cold for almost an hour.


balanceandblueberries said...

I just love you. I hope that you feel better soon!

Monica Jacobson said...

LOL! Foot pain.... NICE. I don't even own sweat pants and large sweater to wear when I'm sick, and wear exactly what I would if I weren't, but I can't say I have even THOUGHT to dress up for sickness. Hope you feel better, if you don't already!

Rebekah said...

Good advice. I'll do this the next time.