Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Linkage

It's Friday! Here's some interesting links for the weekend. Enjoy!

Tony Woolief is an occasional contributor to World Magazine, among other things. I recently discovered his thought-prodding blog, Sand in the Gears. Start with this article.

Real Simple produced a fun color quiz. What's your color personality?

Ann Voskamp's writing is always beautiful and terribly intimidating. I've been thinking about journals in general (and my journals from high-school in particular) lately and her series on journaling is fueling the fire.

As I drove north to meet my family up in northern Michigan this weekend, the red and orange hues of Michigan fall overflowed the landscape. If you don't appreciate the "Pure Michigan" ads, then you just aren't from Michigan.

P.S. For those of you who were wondering, the Shakespeare Challenge is temporarily on hold, due to massive amounts of required reading material for my grad classes. Tragic, but true.


Monica Jacobson said...

So, did you do the color profile yourself? (I got blue -- a water personality, for what that's worth, even though I would have said "none of the above" to some of the questions.)

Anonymous said...

I have a water personality! ~Sarah

Emily said...

Monica! I just realized that I neer responded....I came up with red. Strangely enough. I seem to remember coming up with blue on such quizzes in the past.;-)