Friday, July 2, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well, Part I

Day 1 of this new endeavor was a success, although I am glad I didn't set my sights any higher than the completion of Act I. So here's the recap:

Main Characters:
  • The Countess, a nice old lady whose husband died.
  • Bertram, the son of the Countess.
  • Helena, the ward of the Countess
  • Parolles. I don't know yet how he is going to play into the plot, but Helena calls him a "notorious liar."
  • Lafeu, an ambassador from the King of France.
Scene I

In this scene, we are introduced to the main characters. We find out that Bertram's father has recently died and that Bertram is heading to France.

Scene II

In Scene II, Bertram arrives in France and is received kindly by the King of France, who is apparently suffering from some disease that no one can cure.

Scene III

A steward tells the Countess that Helena secretly loves Bertram. The Countess calls Helena in and tricks her into confessing her love for Bertram. Helena then explains that she has in her possession a cure for the King of France. The Countess sends Helena off to France to cure the King and win Bertram's heart.


For Monday.....Act II.

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