Monday, June 21, 2010

Mounds of Paper

Scrapbooking is a great excuse to mess around with paper and stickers of every color, shape, and size. I can regress to the level of a preschool student without my sanity being questioned.

This weekend I started some cards. Only one of them was actually completed. The others still need some finishing touches.

They definitely need some stamping. I love this great orange and white-polka-dot paper.

I also love the striped paper. It reminds me of the beach.

I found a site that offered step-by-step directions for making bookmarks. Inspired, I put together some simple ones.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to catch up on my photo albums. I'm still working on pictures from 2005. Daunting? Oh yes.

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Struggler said...

Just what is it about all the pretty papers and scrapbooking supplies which makes them so appealing? I could wander for hours in craft stores or Paper Source... in fact, I try not to go to the latter too often as it's always an expensive diversion!