Friday, May 14, 2010

In Quest of Perfection

I have set out on a quest for the perfect day-planner. When I was in college, I used the Student Planner published by the New York Public Library. The spacious boxes provided me with plenty of space to keep track of all of my academic and extra-curricular events.

Last year, I tried to use the calendar system included in Microsoft Outlook. The problem with using Outlook was that, after carefully uploading all of my events for the week, I never had my calendar available when I was out and about. So I quit planning. This was flirtation with disaster.

I think I could only use a computerized planning system again if I used it in conjunction with a regular planner.

When I searched for "Day Planner" on Google, the results were overwhelming, though inspiring. This forced me to make a list of the things I'm looking for in the perfect planner:

  • Space. If the boxes and lines are too tiny, keeping track of more than one or two events becomes frustrating. So those tiny cute planners are out.
  • Size. The ideal planner would fit in my purse. So although a big binder might be the most effective solution, a typical 3-ring binder is out.
  • Appearance. I work better with things that are pretty. Practical? No. But a reality. I am far more likely to consistently use something that I like to look at. Hey, that's how Apple made it.
  • A variety of planning tools. A planner that displays a week at a glance is a must. But the ideal planner would also include monthly and even yearly calendars. A section to keep track of expenditures is useful. I've noticed that some planners even include sections for prayer requests, reading lists, extensive notes, and grocery lists.
I'm considering simply buying a half-size binder and making my own. I'm also considering just refilling my current planner with customized sections.

Any suggestions? Do you use a day-planner? What are must-haves in a planner?


Rachel said...

I have a little planner that I like, but it doesn't fulfill your aesthetic requirements. I think I got it at Target.

Have you checked out the Franklin-Covey organizers? I had a roommate that loved them, they're cute and completely customizable. You just buy filler calendars every year to replace the old ones.

Emily said...

You're the second person who has suggested those, so after I read this, I spent several hours looking at Franklin-Covey planners.;-) They do look pretty close to what I'm looking for...

The Adams said...

Check Barnes Noble. They have a wonderful selection of planners.